Which are the best museums to visit?

Vatican City is chock-full of incredible art and history, famous for the incredible Vatican Museums. It is not referring to one large building, but rather a series of 54 separate galleries within Vatican City, comprising over 1400 rooms. The museums display works of art from the immense collection cumulated by the popes through the ages. But where to start? We have made it easier for you, listing our top favourite museums that will make your holiday in Italy an unforgettable experience.

  • Raphael’s Rooms

    Raphael’s rooms are four separate rooms that make up the suite of reception rooms in the Palace of Vatican. Each room is covered with unique frescos, painted and named after famous painter Raphael. The Rooms are named Constantine, Heliodorus, Segnatura, and Fire in the Borgo-known as the Stanze of Raphael. Raphael became the project when he was twenty-five years and took longer than the remainder of his life to complete, is almost finished by the time of his passing in 1520. Due to other projects taking up his time, Raphael gave multiple sections of wall to other famous painters as well as his students, with only two rooms were completely created by him. Check out the incredible detail and beauty in these works as you wander from room to room.

  • The Pio-Clemente Museum

    This museum is home to the famous Bramante Staircase. This modern staircase was inspired by the original ancient staircase, that was completed in 1505. All visitors must take this slopping staircase when leaving the building, as it is the marking point to the end of the museum. Designed by Giuseppe Momo in 1932, the staircase has similar features and styles as the original. Replicating the iconic double helix shape, which offers an incredible view from the very top.

  • Gallery of Maps

    No tour to Vatican City is complete without a visit into the gallery of Maps. Located on the west side of the Belvedere Courtyard, it is a long corridor that separates the Papal Palace from the Sistine Chapel. It is famous for its arched ceiling, decorated in beautifully bright and detailed artworks. The name comes from the series of geographic maps painted by Perugian Ignazio Danti.

  • Gregorian Egyptian Museum

    If you are a History buff, look no further. This museum contains Egyptian antiquities is rooms housed decorated in 19th-century retro-Egyptian style. The collection consists of artworks and historical artefacts gathered throughout time. With multiple rooms depicting different non- Catholic places of worship.

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