Where does the pope live in Vatican city?

Sporting the iconic white robes and a long silver cross, the Pope can be seen waving from moving cars, high balconies, or at the front of a grand church. Italy has been home to an endless number of Popes, 266 to be exact. But where exactly does the Pope live?

What is a Pope?

The Pope, also known as the Bishop of Rome, is the head of the entire Catholic Church. As the head of the church, they are also in control of Vatican City, a separate city-state from Rome completely controlled by the Papacy. The word ‘Pope’ comes from the Greek word ‘Pappas’, which translates to father. He has both political and religious duties, travelling throughout the world to maintain diplomatic relationships as well as spreading the word of God. The Pope is specially chosen from the College of Cardinals, who are all official Vatican leaders devoted to the church. Once a new Pope is chosen, they will burn the voting ballots with chemicals to produce white smoke, which signals to all of Rome that a new Pope will reign. In ancient times, the Pope would rule until they died, but nowadays Popes can be retired when they are ready.

Pope’s Residence

The Pope’s official residence is within the Apostolic Palace, otherwise known as the Vatican Palace, Papal Palace, or palace of the Vatican. This is within Vatican City, with the palace having a series of apartments, museums, offices, chapels, and libraries. However, the Pope does not spend all his time here! Travelling throughout the year as well as having a summer resident in Castel Gandolfo Papal Palace. Although the Pope’s time at home may alter each year, these are his two official dwellings.

How to See The Pope in the Vatican?

If the Pope is at Vatican City, he offers frequent general audiences or special ritual for religious holidays. If you are travelling at the right time, make sure to join the large crowd of locals and tourists, or to book a seat in advance for service.

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