What You Need To Know About The Gardens of the Vatican

Though the Vatican City is notorious for being one of the busiest tourist destinations in Europe, the Vatican Gardens can provide one with some much-needed peace. Ambient walkways gently curve their way through pristine lawns and trimmed hedges. Dappled sunlight shines through the leaves of towering trees and the bustle and chaos of the streets of the Vatican City are left behind.

The Atmosphere

Collections of plants with informative plaques can be found throughout the gardens. Each tells a different story of the plants origin and its significance to this holy place. The gardens are owned by the Pope and are 23 hectares large, which means they take up more than half of the Vatican City. A large portion of them runs over the Vatican Hill, and the highest point of the gardens is 60m above sea level, providing an excellent viewpoint for your surroundings.

These gardens have been a haven of peace and reflection since the late 13th Century. They were born to Nicholas III when he moved here, encompassed his land in walls and planted lawns and orchards which grew over the centuries to become the immaculate Vatican Gardens of today. They were founded and developed in the Renaissance era, which you can see reflected in the sculptures and installations throughout the gardens. There are also countless sites of religious significance within the gardens, like the Grotta di Lourdes, which is a replica of the Lourdes Grotto in France.

Why it is Worth the Visit

What sets these gardens aside from almost every other attraction in the Vatican City is that they are relatively exclusive. Only a few people are allowed through the gates each day. What this means is that you can take a moment to step away from the crowd and soak in the natural beauty of the Vatican City. This does not mean, though, that you can’t also enjoy spectacular views of the city from a series of vantage points around the gardens. Archways composed of vines frame iconic buildings like St Peter’s Basilica to provide truly incredible and unique sightseeing.

Whether it’s the cactus garden, the shimmering water of the numerous fountains or the majestic views of the surrounding city, there is something for everyone in these gardens. Not to mention the fact that anyone can enjoy the peace and quiet.

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