What Is The Roman Forum?

Though comprehensively exploring Rome’s Vatican City can prove to be an activity that could take months to complete, there is much more that one can do on a tour of the Vatican that takes place outside its walls. One of the very best examples of this is what is known as the Roman Forum, or Forum Romanum.

What is the Roman Forum?

Comprised of ruins of numerous different buildings, the Roman Forum is a destination that will take you back in time. This destination is actually a district of Rome, and was once the busiest and most popular parts of the city. It was a hub of temples, basilicas and public spaces that drew people in from all around Rome to congregate and enjoy the beauty of the district. As time passed, it developed into the social, political and commercial hub of the Roman Empire, hosting elections, public speeches, gladiatorial matches and even criminal trials. To this day it is considered to be both history’s and the world’s most celebrated meeting place. It was also the home of the wealthiest, most important people of Rome, including Emperors.

What happened to the Roman Forum?

Having first been developed in the 7th century BCE, time has certainly taken its toll on this ancient destination. As the district fell into disrepair, it became a pasture for cows to graze, and was renamed Campo Vaccino. A great deal of its stone and marble were also stripped away for use in construction on other sites. What’s left behind is the mere skeleton of what this area once was, and yet, it is still one of the most impressive sites in the world. There are countless experiences to be had in the Roman Forum, even to this day. It is home to the ruins of the likes of the Tempio di Antonino e Fuastina, the temple built in 141 CE, or the Basilica Fulvia Aemilia, a 100m long public hall that was built in 179 BCE. The district’s main thoroughfare is known as the Via Sacra, and will provide you access to all of the surrounding attractions. You will even be able to visit the Tempio di Guilio Cesare, which marks the spot where Julius Caesar himself was cremated.

The Roman Forum is often overlooked by tourists, but if you’re on a tour of the Vatican City, be sure to set some time aside to visit this exceptional historical destination.

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