How to do the Vatican City in One day

Short on time? Only have one day to see some of the greatest works of art Italy has to offer? Perhaps only a morning to see some of the iconic buildings known worldwide? Have no fear because we are here to tell you it is possible! With our careful planning, you can see the Vatican City’s best attractions in just one jam-packed day! Here are our tips to optimise your time in exploring the city’s vast treasure troves.

Work out what you want to see in the Vatican City

Although this may sound like very obvious advice, it is crucial when squeezing everything in at once. Working out what attractions make the defiantly must see, maybe, an no way list during your visit beforehand will help you during those crucial moments when the time is trickling away during the afternoon.

Set out a Schedule

Sorting out what to see first and last always helps your organisation. Researching the opening and closing times of your chosen picks. Majority of the main attractions in the Vatican opening at 9 am, but St. Basilica actually opens at 7 am, letting you start your day earlier to fit more in. As well, organising going to the busier attractions in non-peak times let you avoid a lot of the foot traffic. Usually, the busiest times are 10am-12, with most folk going off for lunch midday. So, organise either going as soon as it opens or in the afternoon.

Choose the right Day to visit the Vatican City

When visiting Vatican City, most days are easy. But if you free day lands on Sunday, you might have some difficulty. The Vatican Museums are open every day excluding Sunday, with the exception of every last Sunday of the month. Some days can also be busier than others, with Saturdays always swarming with large crowds and long lines. With most tourists finding Friday, Tuesday, and Thursday being the quieter days.

Follow the rules

There is nothing worse than being stopped by security for wearing the wrong clothes. Vatican City has very strict rules with attire, with singlets, thongs, and shorts all being banned. Showing your respect and wearing the correct outfit will let you breeze through the front doors with no fuss, giving you an easier and better experience.

Take a tour

Skip the stress and join a tour! This means no organising, no lines, no ticket paying, simply purchase the tour ticket prior the day and sit back and relax. The guide will take you to the best attractions the Vatican has to offer, sweeping you past the long lines that otherwise you’d be in for an hour. They also will have information about everything, so instead of wasting time looking up info or hiring an audio tour, simply ask your guide and they will be more than happy to tell you all they know.

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