How strict is the Vatican dress code?

The Vatican City is the glorious centre of Catholicism, a magical city-state of ornate cathedrals, masterpiece-lined museums and elegant gardens. The Vatican isn’t just for the pious; it’s also a wonderful place to go to get a little peace and tranquility, away from the buzz of Rome.

Stained Glass Window in the Vatican

The Vatican City, as a place of worship, does adhere to a dress code, with both men and women expected to cover their knees and upper arms. So, even if it is one of those toasty summer Roman days, you’re still going to have to don a long-sleeve shirt, long pants or long skirts – sorry, we didn’t make the rules!

But, hey, it’s a little concession to be made for experiencing one of the world’s most wonderful dedications to organised religion, as these amazing sites await you once you get inside…

St. Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the world’s most impressive churches and so naturally holds its place in the Vatican. One of the world’s largest churches, St. Peter’s Basilica is full of fascinating curiosities that make it a truly enjoyable place to visit.

Be sure to check out Bernini’s lavish baldacchino and the eerie Vatican Necropolis, situated 5-12 metres below the basilica.

The Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel is not only another beautifully picturesque cathedral, but it is also probably the world’s most famous large-scale masterpiece. The Sistine Chapel is synonymous with the legendary Renaissance artist Michelangelo, who painted his instantly recognisable The Last Judgement in vibrant sections along the chapel’s ceiling.

Stepping inside of the Sistine Chapel and gazing upon the ceiling is one of the most transcendent experiences you can have in the Vatican – don’t skip it (we know you won’t!).

The Vatican Museums

Dotted around this lavish city-state is the world famous Vatican Museums, a series of continuous exhibitions that, when combined, estimates around a cheekly 70,000 works, with the likes of Michelangelo, Raphael and Caravaggio all lining the walls of this mammoth collection.

The Vatican Gardens

Phoaw, after all that ecclesiastical exploring, you’re probably going to want to cool off, enjoy a cold beverage and relax in some gorgeously peaceful surroundings. Take a breather in the Vatican Gardens, a truly gorgeous part of the city-state and the ideal place to go for a chilled stroll after experiencing the most wonderful Vatican City.

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