How many people live in Vatican City?

Renowned for its incredible art, iconic structures, and rich culture, some may forget the spectacular Vatican City is also known as home to some locals. It is the smallest country in the entire world, with one of the largest numbers of visitors each day. So how many people actually remain in the city overnight?

The Size of Vatican City

The entire city covers just over 100 acres, equalling to about 0.44 square kilometres. With the entire country nestled inside the large city of Rome, located to the east of the River Tiber.

The Population of Vatican City

Vatican City has a population of 799 in 2019, estimated by the UN’s World Population Prospects. Unlike other countries, citizenship is not granted automatically those who were born within the area but are only by appointment. Those who are born within the Vatican’s walls are merely registered as Italian, only being permitted to reside in the city either temporarily or permanently depending on the case. Out of the entire population, only about three-quarters have obtained citizenship.

Who are these people in the Vatican?

Due to the unique circumstances of Vatican City, there is an array of different citizens living within. First, the head of Vatican City and the Catholic church calls this city their home, the Pope! The Pope’s official residence is within the Apostolic Palace, which is also known as the Vatican Palace or the Papal Palace. The palace has a series of apartments, museums, offices, and chapels. Vatican City is the centre of all Catholic procedures, so the majority of citizens living here work directly for the church. A number of examples of jobs include cardinals, guards, nuns, and members of the clergy. Some citizens don’t even live within the city’s walls as they are diplomatic officials, who spend all their time in other countries. Citizens who are born here usually don’t remain their whole lives as the most move to the Vatican in regard to a job with the church. This results in a large diversity, with Italian, Swiss, and Argentinian being the largest groups.

So now you know the details why not meet the locals and visit this awe-inspiring destination? Vatican City welcomes visitors with open arms, offering traditional culture, delicious Italian cosines, and a bucket load of beauty.

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