Where To Discover the Masterpieces of the Vatican

If there is any one place for art lovers to visit on their trip to Italy, its the Vatican City. Every street is lined with exquisite buildings, many of which are museums. Of all the museums to be explored, the Vatican Pinacoteca, also known as the Vatican Art Gallery, is among the best.

The Vatican Pinacoteca

Designed by Luca Beltrami and commissioned by Pope Pius XI, the Vatican Pinacoteca was inaugurated in 1932 on 27 October. This makes it one of the newest additions to the Vatican Museums. Built on the 19th Century Square Garden in the Vatican City, every aspect of this building was designed to enhance the artwork it would soon hold. Surrounded by avenues, the Pinacoteca was placed to ensure the very best lighting conditions. This means that not only is it in the prime environment for the preservation of the priceless artworks, but it also enhances the paintings with it’s well-lit rooms.

Though the building may be from the 20th century, much of the art that it houses is a little older. With a total of 460 artworks on display across 18 rooms, this is one of the world’s largest and most well-equipped galleries. What’s more is that each artwork has been immaculately displayed, and the rooms are even organized by period and school. This ensures easy and very enjoyable browsing for all art aficionados. While the location, design, lighting and layout are undoubtedly important, what makes this gallery the world-renowned attraction that it is, is the artwork.

What Paintings are displayed?

Home to paintings from some of the greatest Italian masters of all time, the Vatican Pinacoteca truly is an art lovers paradise. Some of the more notable paintings include Giotto’s Stefaneschi Triptych, Olivuccio di Ciccarello, Opere di Misericordia, Leonardo da Vinci’s St Jerome in the Wilderness, Caravaggio’s Entombment, Perugino’s Madonna and Child with Saints and San Francesco al Prato Resurrection and Filippo Lippi’s Marsuppini Coronation Jan Mateiko’s Sobieski at Vienna. Though this may seem like a daunting list in some respects, the layout of the museum ensures seamless transitions between artworks, allowing you to soak in every masterful brushstroke. Raphael’s Room is also certainly worth a visit, displaying a number of the famous artists best works, including Madonna of Foligno, Oddi Altarpiece and even Transfiguration.

You simply can’t go wrong with a trip to Vatican Pinacoteca of the Vatican City. Artworks emanating the rich history of Italy in one of the country’s most iconic cities makes for an unforgettable trip.

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