Are the Vatican and St. Peter’s the same?

You can see the Vatican and St. Peter’s in the smallest city in the world, Vatican City.

The Vatican are multiple museums and art galleries, while St. Peter’s is a basilica. So no, they are not the same, but we get why you’d be asking the question! The Vatican and St. Peter’s are near each other, but the entrances are about 10 minutes apart.

How can I see the Vatican and St. Peter’s?

To see the Vatican, you will need to buy tickets either online or at the door. It’s recommended to buy skip-the-line tickets for the Vatican to avoid the lengthy queues. Or you can go early in the morning or later in the evening to try to avoid the lines.

When entering the Vatican, there is a dress code you’ll have to follow before going in. Ensure your knees and shoulders are covered and wear flat shoes but not flip-flops or casual sandals.
St. Peter’s is free to enter, but there are always long queues, so expect to wait about two hours! But if you want to avoid these queues, you can go in when the doors are open or later in the evening.

You can book a guided tour of both the Vatican and St. Peter’s. These tours are great as you are shown around the museums and the basilica. You’ll learn the history of the two places, and you’ll have the chance to ask as many questions as possible!

What can I see inside the Vatican?

The Vatican has so many highlights that you must see when walking through. It’s really beautiful walking through the buildings and halls of the Vatican. There are famous painters who work in these museums like Raphael, Michelangelo, and Bernini.

The Raphael Rooms

There are four Raphael Rooms to see inside the Vatican that has some of Raphael’s famous frescoes. Raphael and his workshop painted the rooms between 1508 to 1524.

Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel is a beautiful building inside the Vatican Museums. As you walk through, look up at the ceiling and you might notice one of Michelangelo’s famous works, the Creation of Adam.

What can I see inside St. Peter’s Basilica?

The inside of the basilica is truly fascinating. The gold detail ceilings and the marble flooring are beautiful. You’ll find there are many statues and paintings inside that you’ll be able to see. There’s so much detail inside the basilica, even the outside too!

Bernini’s Baldachin

In the centre of the basilica sits a 95-foot-tall Baldachin by Bernini. The Baldachin sits over the main altar and is solid bronze.

The dome

It’s hard to miss the dome inside and it’s the tallest dome in the world! It’s 118 metres high and designed by Michelangelo.

Now you know the Vatican and St. Peter’s are two separate buildings, ensure you check them both out! Head over to St. Peter’s early in the morning to avoid the queue and buy skip-the-line tickets for the Vatican. Or book a tour and have a tour guide tell stories of both places and about the paintings.

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